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We are not another

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We are not another

We are Better

We are not changing the world; we are changing food for the better. We create improved, plant-based versions of products that customers love. We deeply believe that pleasure does not always require sacrifice.

Our products are delicious and of superior quality. They have better taste, better texture and are better for the planet – these are our main objectives.

Witold Sysiak Better Food CEO

Taste comes first

We do not compromise. Every product goes through a vigorous quality control system conducted by meat lovers.

Innovative food technology

We use new technologies and innovative solutions. An experienced team of specialists crafts our mouth-watering recipes.

100% plant-based

We dynamically respond to the upcoming needs of our customers. We never add soy, wheat, or other allergens to our blends.

Think out of the box

We always keep one step ahead of others, better, more innovative, and close to the original taste – it is our mission.

We believe that the people are the business.   Work with us! Work with the Be(s)tter! Get to know about our innovative solutions and join the group of our clients.

Our Products

Our Products

We collaborate with many food companies, retail chains, and the HoReCa industry. In our product portfolio, you will find chilled and frozen products and pre-mixes (dry mixes for DIY purposes).

  • Pre-mixes
  • Frozen products
  • Refrigeration products

The meat’s natural appearance, texture, taste, and smell form part of the dry mixture 
of natural ingredients.

We create loose products based on pea protein, which, after hydration and special thermal treatment, perfectly resemble traditional meat products. It is a quick, convenient, and safe way to prepare your favourite dishes. The offer includes, among others, a vegetable beef burger, a substitute for minced meat for Bolognese sauce, plant-based stuffing for dumplings and plant-based poultry balls.

Deep-frozen products based on pea protein are a product line dedicated to hotels and restaurants that wish to expand their offer with vegetable dishes using meat substitutes.

Some of the advantages of these frozen products are their convenience in preparation and long shelf-life. The offer includes, among others, plant-based burgers, vegan chicken substitute for salads, wraps and other dishes, a substitute for minced meat for sauces, vegetable black pudding in an edible casing, plant-based pork frikadelles, and plant-based poultry balls.

We create vegetable alternatives of meat products that look like traditional products in terms of appearance, taste, and texture.

All our meat substitutes are based on pea protein. The devil is in the details. We carefully select ingredients and rely on proprietary blends of spices to bestter reflect the flavour of original products. Our offer includes, among others, plant-based poultry nuggets, vegetable bacon, sausages, minced cutlets and many more.